Collage Series and a Freebie

I hope you are enjoying the Collage Series of Papers, wordart, stamps, brushes, overlays and masks.

You can purchase these items from the DSP store HERE.

08_B_Collage1 08_B_Collage2

08_B_Collage3 08_E_Collage1

08_E_Collage2 08_E_Collage3

08_E_Collage4 08_E_Collage5

08_E_Collage6 08_E_Collage7

08_O_Collage1 08_S_Collage1

08_S_Collage2 08_S_Collage3

08_S_Collage4 08_S_Collage5

08_S_Collage6 08_T_Collage1

08_T_Collage2 08_WA_Collage1

Enjoy this Freebie a great addition to your Collage Collection


Collage Freebie


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