The Design Process: Making Collage Papers

I really think I could make these all day long.  The collage papers are so much fun blending papers and images and brushes just sets my artistic gene in over drive!!  Something about vintage images and documents that just excites me artistically that no other medium can.  I troll the little thrift and antique stores often looking for some little treasures.  Recently found a dictionary from 1917 all tattered and torn just perfect.  I also adore old pictures, I like to look at them and wonder who they are and what happened to them, the pictures of the children are my favorite I wonder are any of them still around with great grandchildren of their own? 

I am really excited about this newest set of papers my favorite so far.  Thanks for visiting my blog and listen to me ramble on about my passion!!



One thought on “The Design Process: Making Collage Papers

  1. rl says:

    Marcee, I adore mixed media, collages, vintage and all that other good stuff too. In my ignorance, I once posted a tutorial on making a collage bg. My gosh, the nerve of me. You are a consummate artist IMO and I love everything you put out there. This latest stream of creativity is as awesome as everything else you do. Do I gush? Well, so be it. hehe.


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