Clipping Masks Freebie

software programs that can currently use these templates include – Photoshop 6 or higher, Photoshop Elements 2 or higher, Paint Shop Pro 7 or higher, PhotoImpact recent versions, Digital Image Pro recent versions, Picture It version 7 or higher, and some Corel Paint programs recent versions. Not currently supported – Hewlett Packard Creative Scrapbook Assistant, FotoFusion by Lumapix, or Creating Keepsakes Scrapbook Designer Program.Here is a set of Page Size Clipping Masks…

Instructions for use of the Maskee sets are in your download file.


This set of 5 Large Page Size Clipping Masks will give your photos the appearance of being brushed on your papers.  These are perfect for Landscape and large photos



example of use:


Download Links:


Maskee Freebie 200 ppi size


Maskee Freebie 300 ppi size


Other Maskee Sets are available at the DSP store




13 thoughts on “Clipping Masks Freebie

  1. Simone says:

    These are so BEAUTIFUL! I also like that you have instructions with them,
    I have been trying but without any success, to learn clippin masks, so I hope this will work for me. Thanks very much


  2. Wendy says:

    Marcee, thank you so much for the maskee. It is wonderful. Actually, all of your maskee's are wonderful. I have used them on several non-DSP creations which are up on my blog.
    Thank you again!


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