Flour Sack Fabric

I have been creating reproductions of Flour Sack or Feed Sack or Grain Sack Designs. I have recently made actual Fabric with them and they can be purchased from Spoonflower.  Some are good for Pillows and others are good to recover Chairs and other furniture.  You looking for the farmhouse look?  Then check out the Fabrics in my store on Spoonflower. I have printed some on other fabrics before but I am much happier with the quality at spoonflower.



M and J Rustic Creations

New website up and Running. Much more to do on it but go ahead and take a look around.  We still have the Etsy store and will be keeping that for the time being.

We are adding new product lines and new designs.



M & J Rustic Creations OPEN

I am happy to announce that Jo and I have now opened our store in Erin Tennessee.  If your ever out that way please stop by and see us.

Here is an old bed Headboard I turned into our sign.


Removing damaged laminate from furniture 

This dresser had some damaged laminate did not want to fix it. So removing is a great option. 

You will need:

  • Iron
  • Metal scrapper 
  • Paper towels 
  • Sander

I bought this iron from the dollar store for $10.00 you don’t want to use your good iron, because you don’t want glue on it. 

Set the iron to the highest setting,then apply to the laminate. Leave for about 20 seconds then use the scrapper to remove the laminate. The iron heats the glue underneath and makes it easier to remove. 

Scrap the excess glue off the wood

For stubborn glue use a paper towel and lay it over the glue heat tit up then use scrapper to remove

Then sand and you are done 

Adding Quotes to Furniture with Stain DIY

You can Achieve a great look on your painted furniture using vinyl lettering.  You can cut your own or purchase pre-cut vinyl quotes. This particular quote is by Dr. Seuss and I purchased it from Wish.com for very little money.

Finished Childs Desk.


Add Your vinyl Lettering.


Apply Stain right over the vinyl.  I always use General Finishes Gel Stains.  They are easy to use and they have lots of choices of colors.  My ultimate favorite is the Java Gel Stain, and that what was used on here. #GeneralFinishes #DrSeuss


Let it Dr for 24 Hours then use a Razor blade to lift off the vinyl lettering.

desk1I added #GeneralFinishes Satin Top Coat to protect and give just a hint of sheen to the top of the desk.


I used a Barn Red Color Paint by #MissLillianChockPaint and a Brown Glaze to give it a antique look.

Make your own feed sack pillows

Each pillow front is 16×16. Just cut out on the lines and add other fabric to the back to make a great looking pillow.  You could also make pictures, quilts seat cushions or anything else out of these designs.  Send Pictures if you make anything using my fabric.

You can find this design at zazzle

Dresser Redo

Nightmare dresser redo the Purple Monster.  The bottom drawer was a mess and had to be redone and added a bottom to it.

Before the purple monster